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Tom Rush
Celebrates 50 Years of Music



“Live records can be hit-or-miss, but this one will endure just as Tom Rush has. . . . it’s a fitting slice of Rush’s remarkable life. . . . . The essentials are here – from the table-setting ‘Hot Tonight’ to crowd favorites ‘Drivin’ Wheel,’ ‘Urge for Going,’ and ‘No Regrets/Rockport Sunday.’ Rush is singing with more soul as he ages, and his band fills in the gaps, including Bromberg on electric slide guitar and Robin Batteau on a sweet-soaring fiddle and mandolin.” – Steve Morse, Boston Globe

“… A delightful singer . . . Rush makes each song seem as dependable and solid as the earth itself, somehow mixing a wistful weariness in his voice with an underlying and unerring joyfulness, the same sort of thing he's been doing for half a century now. That he's still doing it as well as he ever has is a testament to his talent and character. He's never gone chasing after the gold ring of stardom and fame, and that he still isn't chasing it somehow makes this anniversary set all the more powerful.” – Steve Leggett, AllMusic

“Well known but never really going mass market, even though one of his greatest claims is recording killer songs before anybody else, Rush struts his stuff in his old stomping ground and shows that he’s kept his hair, voice, looks and talent. This is a set of utterly excellent folk/pop from one of the architects of the sound that still knows how to bring the right stuff today.” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record

 “While his solo performance of "Child's Song" is emblematic of his style and much of his career, here he is accompanied by a full band that fills in and expands his sound without distracting from the music's original intent. . . Rush is a master storyteller, whether they be his own words or someone else's. These stories permeate the performances and leave a lasting impression of his importance in the stream of American music. . . . [A]n appropriate way for him to honor his life's journey in music.” – David Bowling, (syndicated)

“Tom Rush offers an inspiring overview of a career that reaches back to the seminal days of the ‘60s folk renaissance. Gathering a host of friends and fellow travellers – Jonathan Edwards, Buskin & Batteau and David Bromberg among them – Rush presides over a magical evening filled with exceptional music and magical memories. . . . [A] satisfying sampling of songs that have become an indelible part of the modern folk lexicon. . . . Tom Rush’s celebration is clearly an occasion that everyone can embrace. (4 stars)” – Lee Zimmerman, Blurt Magazine

“It’s all good honest affectionate and good-humoured musicianship . . . As mementos of a key occasion go, this is both a faithful record and a worthwhile acquisition for the long-term Rush fan, and additionally a fitting celebration that reaffirms the vibrant spirit of contemporary folk music through Tom’s trademark involving, conversational style and delivery.” – David Kidman, NetRhythms

“(Four stars)” – Arthur Wood, Maverick

“Singer-songwriters are a dime a dozen now, but Rush still occupies a different landscape, one where his congeniality and knack for story-telling reign supreme above the quacks who pick up a guitar and call themselves musicians.” – Spencer Doar, Minnesota Daily