sweet honey in the rock
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Winner of Gold Medal in the "Music for 9 & Up" category
by the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA)!
Winner of Silver Honor is the "Music for 5-to-14" category
by the Parents' Choice Foundation! Grammy finalist in 2007
for “Best Musical Album for Children”!

sweet honey in the rock
Sweet Honey in the Rock


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track listing

1. 4 U 2 Know As U Grow itunesbuy
2. Education is the Key itunesbuy
3. When I Grow Up itunesbuy
4. All I Have to Do itunesbuy
5. Do What the Spirit Say Do itunesbuy
6. Right Now itunesbuy
7. Trust itunesbuy
8. In the Middle of the Night itunesbuy
9. Chinese Proverb itunesbuy
10. The Soul of Nature itunesbuy
11. Indaba: We Believe in You itunesbuy
12. Member of the World Community itunesbuy
13. Dog, Dob itunesbuy
14. I Like It That Way itunesbuy
15. Me is We itunesbuy
16. The Best Medicin itunesbuy
17. Gratitude itunesbuy
18. 4 U 2 Know As You Grow (reprise) itunesbuy


“I can see the children dancing and singing and laughing when they hear Experience…101.” 
– Maya Angelou

Sweet Honey in the Rock, the world-renowned, award-winning female African American ensemble, which performs a cappella (except for hand percussion), joins our label for a delightfully buoyant and positive new CD aimed at teaching young listeners some of life’s basic lessons in 18 exuberant, upbeat songs. The joyful sound of six magically interwoven voices and upbeat advice – utilizing folk, gospel, jazz, blues and even rap styles – will appeal to children and parents alike.

The CD’s colorful packaging – an eyecatching digipack and a 16-page booklet in the style of a school composition notebook – contributes to the theme of learning through music. Children from the ages of 9 to 12 pose questions about the mysteries of the adult world in print, and the members of Sweet Honey (six vocalists at the time of this recording, now five, not counting their onstage sign language interpreter) respond with songs of about peaceful coexistence, the virtues of education, the nurturing support and reassurance of parents and elders, following one’s moral and spiritual compass, and working to better the surrounding world. Emphasizing the group’s roots in African culture, the songs are matched up in print to Adinkra symbols used in Ghana, West Africa, to indicate wisdom, strength, unity, good fortune, harmony and other emotions crucial to leading a meaningful life.

The sound of Sweet Honey is almost intoxicating, as they deploy their voices in myriad combinations and styles – call-and-response, scatting, percolating percussive effects, waterfalls of harmonies and counterpoints, rounds, spoken rap-like segments, and just about every other pleasing way the human voice can be utilized.






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