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Pete Seeger
Pete Remembers Woody


“Fascinating and engaging…” – Scott Bauer, Associated Press

Wonderfully preserving a slice of Americana that’ll soon be lost to time and not come this way again, if you call yourself an Americana fan, get on board now.” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“Seeger’s recollections provide illuminating context for some of Guthrie’s best-known works, while also documenting his relationship with his fellow folk giant.” – Nick Cristiano, Philadelphia Inquirer

“There have been many worthy recording projects released in 2012 to mark the centennial of Woody Guthrie’s birth on July 14, 1912. Among the most interesting is certainly Pete Remembers Woody, a 2-CD collection mostly made up of stories told by Pete Seeger about the friend he met in New York City in 1940 and their times together. The stories are punctuated by songs, most of them written by Woody Guthrie . . . sung by a variety of artists, both contemporary and historical. . . . [It’s] fascinating to hear all of these stories collected into this aural history. . . . an essential collection for any student of Woody and/or Pete. And, frankly, anyone who wants to understand the development of folk music in the 20th century should be a student of both Woody and Pete. There is much for any lover of folk music to appreciate in Pete’s stories.” – Mike Regenstreif, Folk Roots/Folk Branches blog

I’m hopeful a wider net is cast [by this CD], drawing in listeners who may know nothing or next to nothing about Guthrie, Seeger, and the times that shaped their pre-World War II work, as well as the suppressed songs they sang during the McCarthy era. Now, more than ever, we need to remember why we needed such spokespersons in the first place.” – Wesley Britton,

“Listening to this wondrous 2CD set is like having the great man riding shotgun in your car, or filling your listening room up with recollections and stories of his dear friend, Woodrow Wilson Guthrie.” – Mike Jurkovic, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

“This is a must-listen for any true folkie, if not for the recollections about Guthrie,  then for the classic renditions of many of Guthrie’s most famous (and a few unknown) songs.” – Bob Olsen, MusicTap

“Replete with delightful anecdotes about Seeger’s friend and mentor . . . [which] could offer fresh insights to those who have only just discovered Woody Guthrie. . . . There are a couple of [musical] gems, but it’s the reminiscences that stand out . . .” – Mahir Ali, The Weekend Australian

Pete Remembers Woody is a triumph that supersedes any like minded earlier endeavors by others by virtue of the fact that his is a first person account. . . . Throughout the proceedings, it is apparent that Seeger remains in awe of Guthrie’s individualism and sense of adventure. To be certain, only Seeger could do such an account justice, and he does so in meticulous detail that ultimately enhances his own legacy as much as that of his subject matter.” – Michael McDowell, Blitz Magazine



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