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if i had a song

Pete Seeger
If I Had a Song: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol 2

(2001) Various artists


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track listing


1. Guantanamera Jackson Browne & Joan Baez itunesbuy
2. If I Had a Hammer Billy Bragg & Eliza Carthy itunesbuy
3. Words, Words, Words John Wesley Harding & The Minus 5 itunesbuy
4. Walking Down Death Row Steve Earle itunesbuy
5. Oh Had I a Golden Thread Dar Williams & Toshi Reagon itunesbuy
6. 66 Highway Blues Arlo Guthrie & Pete Seeger itunesbuy
7. Talking Union John Mccutcheon & Corey Harris itunesbuy
8. Maple Syrup Time Moxy Fruvous itunesbuy
9. Snow, Snow Eric Andersen itunesbuy
10. Little Boxes (petites Boites) Kate & Anna Mcgarrigle itunesbuy
11. Last Train to Nuremberg Joel Rafael Band itunesbuy
12. You'll Sing to Me Too Guardabarranco itunesbuy
13. This Old Car Pete Seeger & Arlo Guthrie itunesbuy
14. Old Devil Time Kim And Reggie Harris & Magpie itunesbuy
15. The Emperor is Naked Today-O Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer itunesbuy
16. Well May the World Go Larry Long itunesbuy



“. . . A joy to listen to, as various top performers, including Pete Seeger himself, give us top-class renditions of his songs. . . This is a CD of folk music but also a social history of the 20th century in song. . . Anyone with a social conscience will enjoy this collection from one of the best songwriters of his era.” A Cultural Arts Magazine

If I Had a Song is the second volume of Pete’s original or adapted compositions that were recorded, with rare exception, exclusively for Appleseed by many of his fellow musicians. The first volume, the award-winning 2-CD Where Have All the Flowers Gone set released in 1998, contained new recordings by Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne & Bonnie Raitt, Roger McGuinn, Nanci Griffith, Judy Collins, Ani DiFranco, actor-director Tim Robbins and many other musicians and creative artists.
The sixteen selections on If I Had a Song extend the engagingly diverse guest list and wide range of song topics presented on the first volume. A few artists reappear with new contributions (Jackson Browne, this time teamed with Joan Baez for a gorgeous version of “Guantanamera”; Billy Bragg with Eliza Carthy; Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie), but there are plenty of additional and varied voices represented (as well as Pete’s own, on five selections). Traditional “folkies” and protest singers (Arlo Guthrie, John McCutcheon, Larry Long, Guardabarranco), singer-songwriters (Eric Andersen, Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer, Dar Williams & Toshi Reagon, John Wesley Harding, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Joel Rafael ), stars (Steve Earle), pop-rockers (Moxy Früvous), and bluesmen (Corey Harris) all pay their respects to the 82-year-old Pete with imaginative arrangements and song choices. Earle’s grim version of “Walking Down Death Row” has subsequently been used by several organizations opposing the death penalty.

There are songs here that were never previously recorded, and many others that have yet to be reissued on any of Pete’s CDs, only appearing once on long-vanished Seeger LPs. One of the two collaborations between Arlo Guthrie and Pete on If I Had a Song, “66 Highway Blues,” is the first recording of one of the rare co-writing efforts by Seeger and Arlo’s father, Woody Guthrie.

Virtually all of the artists invited to participate in our three-volume tribute to Pete’s songs enthusiastically accepted. Their contributions were recorded in studios across the United States, in Canada, England, Nicaragua, Norway and elsewhere, mirroring Pete’s worldwide impact.




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