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Kim and Reggie Harris

steal away
Kim and Reggie Harris
Steal Away: Songs of the Underground Railroad

Vol 1



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1. Oh Freedom itunesbuy
2. No More Auction Block itunesbuy
3. Let Us Break Bread Together itunesbuy
4. Wade in the Water itunesbuy
5. Go Down Moses itunesbuy
6. Harriet Tubman/Steal Away itunesbuy
7. Now Let Me Fly itunesbuy
8. Sinner, Please Don't Let This Harvest Pass itunesbuy
9. Trampin' itunesbuy
10. Follow the Drinking Gourd itunesbuy
11. Deep River/ Swing Low itunesbuy
12. Great Day itunesbuy
13. Heaven is Less Than Fair itunesbuy
14, Free at Least itunesbuy
15. Ain't I a Woman itunesbuy
16. Steal Away (Reprise) itunesbuy



After an early ’80s invitation to present a school assembly kindled musicians Kim and Reggie Harris’s passion for songs about the pre-Civil War Underground Railroad, their commitment to sharing the spirit, tradition and hidden messages of those gospel and folk songs became a lifelong calling.

Their very first album, 1984’s long-out-of-print Music and the Underground Railroad, contained a selection of historical songs used by African American slaves as hope, solace, and as a source of coded information about escaping the South and heading north on the metaphorical railroad.

The Harrises’ first Appleseed CD, 1998’s Steal Away: Songs of the Underground Railroad, continued the Harrises’ mission. They re-recorded many of the tracks from Music and the Underground Railroad, added two recordings from that first album and created a 16-song musical statement that has become an important cultural document and teaching tool. They subsequently produced, in collaboration with Chatham Hill Games, the “Underground Railroad Activity Set,” a video, game, and teaching guide for use by parents and teachers, and have become in-demand workshop presenters on the subjects of the Underground Railroad, the modern Civil Rights Movement, and African American Music of Social Change.

In 2007, Appleseed released the long awaited sequel to Steal AwayGet On Board! Underground Railroad & Civil Rights Freedom Songs, Volume 2.

Kim’s liner notes to Steal Away explain the Harrises’ fascination with that invisible track to freedom: “The Underground Railroad, as we are fond of saying, was NOT a train . . . it was people . . . a rainbow coalition of various backgrounds, beliefs, colors and creeds who, in a variety of ways, created a lifeline out of slavery in pre-Civil War America. The songs, beautiful . . . rich in spirit and texture, reveal the hope, power and ingenuity of an enslaved people who used their traditions, passion and resources to express their faith, strengthen their relationships and communicate important information that led many of them to freedom! We present these songs as contemporary artists of our time seeking to honor the tradition and spirit of the music through the prism of our own musical experience and evolution. We offer this work as a loving tribute to the courage of the travelers, conductors, agents, shepherds and crews of the Liberty Line and also as a reminder that the struggle for freedom, equality, and for the future, is now in our hands!”

Countless audiences, teachers, parents, and children and numerous Black history museums and organizations have gratefully accepted the Harrises’ gift of education and entertainment.




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