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J o h n n y... C l e g g


Johnny Clegg
Best, Live & Unplugged at the Baxter Theatre, Cape Town



“Clegg’s sound on Best, Live & Unplugged ranges from pieces clearly in the world music realm, with Zulu lyrics and vocals, African percussion and western instrumentation; to American folk-influenced songs where Clegg’s vocal style sounds surprisingly similar to Bob Dylan. [The CD] demonstrates that seminal world music artist Johnny Clegg is still in splendid form after several decades of hard work promoting racial harmony and great South African-rooted music.” – Angel Romero, World Music Central

“. . . Crazy catchy, foot tapping, body moving music. . . . Clegg and his band, though somewhat unplugged, crackle in synergy . . . The bass drum beats like a quickening pulse, the guitar weaves its way in a tangy African tuning and resonant voices chant Zulu choruses, while Clegg sings in Zulu and English in a charismatic voice . . . Music that is hopeful and joyful to its core – and irresistible!” – Mike Devlin, Music Matters Review

“. . . The world music vet with 40 years under his belt comes in with an omnibus look at the high spots of the past, present and future with an eye toward world music and world politics.  It’s always a gas when a vet shows no sign of slowing down or resting on his laurels and Clegg is rewriting the book on all that here.  Hot stuff that you don’t have to be a listener that needs music with a conscience to enjoy. This is world wide music for everyone. Well done.” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“. . . The social activism in the majority of his songs means I will forever think of him as South Africa’s Bob Dylan.” – Chuck Yarborough, The Plain Dealer

“The South African superstar is electrifying in an unplugged concert. . . . . This album is sure to make your spirits rise.” – Phil Freeman,