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B u f f y.. S a i n t e - M a r i e

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Buffy Sainte-Marie
Running for the Drum



“This album, her first of original material since 1992’s Coincidence and Likely Stories, shows she has lost none of her talent and commitment. . . . An incredible range of influences takes the album in all kinds of directions . . . Infused throughout with the polychromatic approach she’s known for . . . A welcome addition to her life’s work. (4 stars)” – Jan Zarebski, Record Collector, UK

“Buffy Sainte-Marie’s first album in 17 years finds her spirit as undiluted as her charm, still making persuasive, engaging arguments for Native American attitudes, and using the establishment's devices against itself – as in a version of ‘America the Beautiful’ that features the rarely performed line, ‘Till selfish gain no longer stain the banner of the free.’. . . Delivered with passion and engagement. (4 out of 5 stars)” – Andy Gill, The Independent, UK

“Buffy Sainte-Marie has lost none of her bite or beauty. . . [She] continues to farm the political and amorous arenas for her material . . . 4 stars!” – Montreal Hour, Canada

“Hers may be a different drum, but it beats proud from sea to shining sea.” – Mike Davies, NetRhythms

“. . . A fascinating insight into Buffy’s mindset and songwriting skills. Combining radio-friendly elements and Native American chanting, it’s both traditional (in the truest sense of the word) and contemporary.” – Jack Foley, Indie London

“All hail the original eco warrior rock star. . . Surprisingly timely . . . Buffy’s powerful vocals haven’t faltered and neither has her attitude on bracing new numbers including ‘No No Keshagesh’ (which berates 'greedy guts' businesses and governments), ‘Cho Cho Fire’s’ pow-wow pop rock, and the bluesy romance of ‘I Bet My Heart On You’ (featuring Taj Mahal on piano). Buffy might be a peace campaigner but her work still joyously kicks ass.”                                                 – Arwa Haider, Metro Newspapers, UK 

“Vocal protests against war and injustice are liberally sprinkled through the Buffy back catalogue, and on her opening 21st Century work, she’s still raging . . .” – Uncut, UK


“Weaving politicized synth-folk, Native American mantras and aching torch songs into a blanket of irreproachable intentions and keening melodies, it’s an album that’s as eclectic as it is spirited. She can still sing up a protest storm too! (3 stars)”  – Mojo Magazine, UK

“More than forty years after starting her career as a professional musician, Buffy Sainte-Marie is still looking for new ways to express herself and isn’t taking chances with her music. Running for the Drum is a great example of just how powerful and diverse a musician she is.” – BlogCritics Music, Canada

“On her lusty new album, she often sounds hardly older than nineteen. . . . There’s country-pop featuring plangent guitars, but also slow breathy blues and jazzy-rock with piano and drums. . . . It comes as no surprise that Sainte-Marie has cited as musical models both Miles Davis and Edith Piaf. . . . Like Buffy’s instrumental dexterity, her distinctive timbre and vocal agility are as striking as ever.” – Peter Palmer, Maverick, UK